Westland Houseplant Feed Concentrate – 200ml


Westland Houseplant Feed is the perfect plant food for your houseplants.

This balanced formula is enriched with the essential nutrients and trace elements that houseplants need to thrive.  It also helps to keep houseplants beautiful and healthy, boosting flower growth and leaf colour

Whether you have a Peace Lily, Snake Plant or a Spider Plant, this feed will help them grow healthy and strong. This feed contains all the essential nutrients houseplants need for longer lasting flowers and healthy green foliage. It has an easy squeeze measure doser for quick and easy feeding too.

• For healthier growth and greener leaves
• Balanced nutrients
• Potash for longer lasting flowers
• Added seaweed for healthier plants
• Available nitrogen for healthy green foliage
• Easy squeeze measure doser
• NPK: 6-4-7

How to Use

• Remove the cap
• Holding the bottle upright, gently squeeze the bottle to fill the dosing chamber and release
• The doser will remove any excess plant food, leaving a 5ml dose in the chamber
• Add to 1 litre of water
• Avoid overdosing and applying to foliage

When to Use

• Feed every second watering in the active growing season (spring/summer) and every fourth watering in the winter

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