String Loop Fastener – 120mm – Black


String Fixed Loop Fasteners

These premium fasteners by Avery Dennison (StringTach) combine the aesthetic appeal of a string loop with speed and security of a conventional loop fastener.

• Garments tagged with premium string fasteners are perceived to be of much higher value than of those tagged with conventional plastic loop fasteners.
• StringTach is an important garment accessory that provides visual differentiation between standard and premium brands.
• The string loops special arrow tip makes threading through zips and eyelets easy, making it ideal for tagging:

Ideal for premium apparel, including:

Jewelry, Tailoring, Accessories, Dress shirts,
Handbags, Casual wear, Leather goods
Golf attire, Watches, Footwear, Sunglasses

Available in packs of 100, 500 and 1000.

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