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  • Oasis Wet Foam | The Essentials Company

    Oasis Brick

    Oasis floral wet foam brick – 23cm x 11cm x 8cm rectangular block.

    • Maxlife floral foam for longer flower life.
    • For use with fresh flower arrangements.
    • Foam saturates quickly.
    • Guidelines for cutting into sections.
    • Ensures flowers are secure and firmly placed in the design.

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    Christmas Garlands

    Garland with Berries and Leaves – Orange or White

    Part of our range of Christmas Wreaths & Garlands.

    • Colourful garland with leaves and berries.
    • Overall length approximately 1.1m.
    • A mixture of around 14 berry bunches with combinations of 3 to 6 berries  and 1 or 2 leaves per section.
    • Can be hung as part of a decoration or it is flexible enough to be wrapped around an object.
    • Brown tape covered wire throughout with a loop section at one end for fixing.

    Available in Orange or White

    £4.45 £3.95 (Inc. VAT)
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    Berry Wreaths - The Essentials Company

    Berry Wreaths – Red or White

    Decorative Berry Wreaths available in Red or White.

    • All parts of this beautiful wreath can be manipulated to suit your design application.
    • The wreath can be tightly wrapped to show a more traditional wreath style or the individually branches of the wreath can be spread out to create a larger and lighter looking display.
    • The central ring and all branches from it are supported by a stiff, flexible wire and covered in a natural brown tape coating.
    • Each berry wreath has an internal diameter of approximately 17cm diameter.
    • The external diameter of the wreath can be anything from 30cm to 45cm, depending on your preferred layout of the individual branches.
    • There are a mixed sized selection of berries and leaves surrounding the main wreath.
    • The berries sizes range from 3mm to 13mm in diameter.
    • Looks great on the wall and door or as a centre piece for the table.


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    Christmas Wreath - The Essentials Company

    Christmas Wreath – Vine, Pine, Berry and Apple – 34cm

    • Beautiful & Natural looking decorated wreath approximately 34cm diameter.
    • The base is decorated with vine then covered by a mix of natural cones, leaves and sticks with colour being added with red berries, apples and pine.
    • Ideal for decorating a door, mantle piece or even a center table.
    • Fitted with a strong and supportive base for fixing to the wall or door.
    • Matching garland also available.



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  • Fine Gauge Tagging Gun

    Attaches labels quickly and easily to delicate fabrics and many other thin materials
    • smooth one handed operation
    • fine gauge needle
    • 13mm needle length
    • 1.2mm needle diameter
    • fine needle leaves a smaller hole than the standard needle
    • ratchet feeds tags smoothly into gun
    • replacement needles available
    • needle cover prevents injury when not in use.

    Only to be used with fine gauge attachments.

    £12.95 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Fine Tagging Gun Mark 3 | Avery Dennison

    Fine Tagging Gun Mark III – Avery Dennison

    The Avery Dennison Mark III Fine Tagging Gun is a fine gauge, robust tagging gun designed for comfort and ease of use.
    Supplied with one free fine gauge tagging needle.

    • New ergonomically designed grip for ease of use.
    • Fine gauge needle leaves a smaller hole than the standard range and is ideal for delicate fabrics etc.
    • 13mm needle length
    • 1.2mm needle diameter
    • Smooth ratchet feed action gives less operator fatigue
    • See our range of fine tagging attachments (click here)
    Replacement fine needles available
    • Needle cover prevents injury when not in use

    £14.95 (Inc. VAT)

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    Fine Tagging Gun Replacement Needles – Pack of 5

    Replacement needles for the Fine gun only.
    •13mm Needle Length
    •1.2mm diameter
    •Pack of 5 needles

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    Pricing Labels – reel 1500

    • Suitable for use with the Avery Dennison single line pricing gun
    • 26mm x 12 mm labels
    • Made in the EU
    • Labels supplied in rolls of 1500
    • Available with or without security cuts

    £1.45 £1.20 (Inc. VAT)