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  • Aluminium Label Pack

    Aluminium Label Pack


    An excellent introduction to these permanent labels. It also makes an unusual gift for a keen gardener.

    Pack Contents

    •50 10cm Pot labels
    •25 T-Labels
    •10 Victorian Hanging Labels
    •10 Small ogee shaped labels
    •2 Staedtler HB pencils

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  • Black Label Pack


    A selection from our range of black labels.

    Pack Contents

    100 black pot labels 10cm
    50 black T-labels
    25 black jumbo labels
    1 white paint marker

    Save over 15% on the individual marked prices

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  • The Essentials Garden Labelling Pack


    • Complete kit for creating smart long lasting labels
    • The handheld labeller is ideal for using anywhere in the garden, greenhouse or potting shed
    • The laminated tapes are scratchproof, weatherproof and resistant to fading
    • Four different labels to suit sizes or positions of plants

    Pack Contents

    Brother GLH105 Garden Labeller
    TZe231S 12mm black on white 4 meter starter tape included
    100 black pot labels 12.5cm
    50 black jumbo labels
    25 black small angled head labels
    25 black medium angled head labels

    Save £9.89 off the individual marked prices.

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