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  • Black Short Stem Angled-Head Labels

    Rigid black plastic plant labels 27cm in height, with a 13cm x 8cm writing surface angled gently backwards.
    • Easy to read
    • The largest writing area of any of our labels
    • Ideal for displays or the kitchen garden
    • Excellent for pricing sales areas and displays
    • Use our white, gold or silver pens
    • Bases are available for these labels click to view

    Also available in white.

    FROM£7.50 (Inc. VAT)
  • Black Angled Head Labels

    Black Angled Head labels

    Black Angled Head Labels

    With an overall height of 38cm and a flat, angled writing surface of 10cm (4inches) x 6cm (2.4 inches).

    • Easy to read
    • Ideal for larger plants
    • Use our white, gold or silver pens
    • Bases are available for these labels.

    Also available in White.

    FROM£7.95 (Inc. VAT)
  • Blackboard Labels

    Rigid black plastic labels 42cm in height, with a 12cmx8cm blackboard surface angled gently backwards.
    • Easily written on using chalk or our liquid chalk markers
    • Ideal for pricing sales areas
    • Re-use time and again
    • Excellent as temporary labels for open gardens etc

    FROM£10.40 (Inc. VAT)
  • Sale!
    Ground Sheet Peg

    Sheet Pegs

    Rigid plastic sheet pegs.

    • 15cm centre stems with 2 smaller 7.5cm end stems
    • Will keep fleece and ground sheet held securely in place.
    • Made from 90% recycled plastic and are completely reusable.

    Available in packs of 2, 10 or 50.

    FROM£1.15 (Inc. VAT)
  • Spiral Tree Guards | The Essentials Company

    Spiral Tree Guards – 60cm (24inch)

    Brown Spiral Tree guards.

    • Spiral tree guards provide protection for young or delicate trees from animals, strimmers etc.
    • Very simple and quick to install with no fixing stakes or fastenings required in most cases.
    • Made from a brown PVC these tree guards stand up to all weather; they do not shrink.
    • Manufactured to allow air circulation through the holes.
    • They are easy to unfurl, making them easy fit and are cost effective.
    • Available in packs of 10, 50 or 250Also available in 45cm (18inch) length – click here to view product.
    FROM£4.99 (Inc. VAT)