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  • Mixed Red Berry Pick

    Mixed Red Berry Pick


    A beautiful mixed red berry pick.

    • 24 different sized berry per pick.
    • Brown coloured and taped stem, ready for use.
    • Overall pick length approximately 11cm.
    • This pick adds a beautiful mix of red berry colour to any floral or wreath design.
    • Not suitable for outdoor use.

    Available individually (pick of 24 berries) or in a box of 8 (8 x picks of 24 Berries).
    Save when buying a box of 8 picks

  • Oasis Pedestal Block


    17cm x 17cm x 15cm rectangular block.

    • Pre cut blocks of Oasis® wet floral foam designed to fit pedestal bowls
    • Eliminates the need to fix together and trim standard bricks
    • Provides better flower stem grip and water accessibility than several pieces taped together
    • Supplied in packs of 2 blocks