Green Plant Labels

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  • Coloured Plastic Labels

    Coloured Plant Pot Labels – Green

    10cm (4″) Rigid coloured plastic plant labels
    •Approx 1.2cm wide
    •Easy to write on with pencil or marker pen
    •Ideal for identifying groups of plants or seeds requiring particular treatments
    •Available in 10 separate colours and as a mixed pack.
    Click the colour below to go to that product

    Also available in BLACK and WHITE

    The screen colours are intended as a guide only

    Available in packs of 100 or 1000.

    FROM£2.35 (Inc. VAT)
  • Green Jumbo Labels

    Green Jumbo Labels

    20cm (8″) Rigid plastic plant labels

    • Easy to write on with pencil or marker pen
    • Ideal for identifying rows or blocks of vegetables
    • Approx 1.9cm wide
    • Available in White, Green or Black

    Pack Sizes of 25, 50 or 500.

    FROM£2.85 (Inc. VAT)
  • Medium Angled Head Label - Green

    Medium Angled-Head Labels – Green

    Rigid plant labels 18cm in height, with a 8 x 5cm writing surface angled gently backwards.
    • Easy to read
    • Useful for small pots and containers
    • Ideal for displays or raised beds
    • Excellent for pricing sales areas etc
    • Can be written on using pencil or marker pen
    • Available in white or green

    Also available in black.

    FROM£3.95 (Inc. VAT)
  • T-Labels – Green

    Rigid plastic plant labels 13.5cm in height, with a 5.5 x 3.5cm flat surface to write on.

    • Easy to read, no bending sideways
    • Can be written on using pencil or marker pen
    • Ideal for seed trays or pots
    • Available in green, red, yellow & white (click colour to select)

    The screen colours are intended as a guide only – if the exact colour is important please ask for a sample

    Also available in black.

    FROM£2.69 (Inc. VAT)
  • PVC Loop Lock Labels

    PVC Loop-lock labels – Green

    Plastic tie-on labels in which one end loops through the other to secure to the plant.
    • Writing area 11 x 1.6cm
    • Accepts pencil or marker pen
    • Ideal for shrubs, roses and trees
    • Available Colours
    White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

    FROM£3.85 (Inc. VAT)
  • Vinyl Loop Lock Labels

    Durable Vinyl loop-lock labels
    • Resistant to tearing
    • Remain flexible in cold weather
    • Use for trees, shrubs, boxes, or equipment
    • Can be written on with any of our markers or pencils
    • 16cm long, writing area 11cm x 1.6cm
    • Available in Green only

    16cm long writing area 11cm x 1.6cm

    FROM£4.05 (Inc. VAT)
  • Lightweight Label Card Holders – Green

    • 23cm thin plastic stems with a slotted clip at the top
    • Holds a card up to credit card size
    • Use to display price cards
    • Ideal for pictures
    • Available in green or clear

    FROM£1.55 (Inc. VAT)