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    Oasis Bio Floral Foam Brick


    Oasis Bio floral foam brick – 23cm x 11cm x 8cm rectangular block.

    • A planet friendly Biodegradable floral foam.  Shown to biodegrade by 51.5% within one year, 85.4% within three years and 90% within four years under landfill conditions.
    • Use Bio Floral Foam  in just the same way you would use standard floral foam bricks, only safe in the knowledge that it will biodegrade after use.
    • Oasis Bio Floral Foam has the same saturation characteristics as the number one seller OASIS® Ideal Maxlife Foam.  Bio Foam bricks take just 60 seconds to soak fully in water.
    • OASIS® Bio Floral Foam has the same superior grip as OASIS® Ideal foam, meaning flower stems are held in place and your design stays looking fabulous for as long as possible.
    • For use with fresh flower arrangements.
    • Foam saturates quickly.  Excellent water retention with the ability to absorb and retain up to 2 litres ensuring a longer life for flowers, proven to meet or beat flower life in a vase.
    • Guidelines for cutting into sections.
    • Ensures flowers are secure and firmly placed in the design.

    Sold individually or on a box of 20.