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Aftercut All In One Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer is a comprehensive solution for your lawn care needs. This triple action lawn treatment not only greens and feeds your lawn but also effectively eliminates weeds and moss.

Formulated with the perfect blend of nitrogen, Aftercut All In One accelerates lawn greening in just 7 days, ensuring rapid results without excessive growth. This effective formulation targets 12 different weed types, including common intruders like dandelions, white clover, and daisies, eradicating both the weeds and their roots. While weeds may initially show vigorous growth, they soon distort and twist as the treatment takes effect.

Additionally, the iron content in Aftercut All In One acts swiftly to eliminate moss, causing it to turn black as it dies. It’s important to note that any temporary discoloration of the lawn is part of the process.

• 7 day fast greening for a vibrant lawn
• Effective weed control against 12 types of weeds and their roots
• Rapid moss elimination for a healthier lawn
• Creates a stronger lawn
• Refill and reuse our handy All In One Spreader 80m2

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