Jiffy 7 Pellets – 41mm (Pack 20)


Jiffy7 Pellets are the best selling propagation plug used by professional growers around the world.  A cost effective rooting medium, ideal for the propagation of a wide range of crops.

Easy and clean to use, just place the Jiffy Pellet in your seed tray or planting pot and soak in luke warm water.  Always drain of any excess water before sowing your seed or plant cutting.  Once your plant is established an ready to be transferred you can move it to a larger pot or the garden without damaging the established root network.

We sell all of our Jiffy 7 pellets in packs of 20.  With discounts for multiple combined packs.

Jiffy peat pellets are made from sphagnum moss collected from a controlled bog to help reduce damage to the environment from peat moss farming.

• Fully Biodegradable.
• Can be transferred direct into the soil to eliminate transfer shock.
• We also stock jiffy pellet packs.  These are the seed trays, pre-populated with the appropriate pellet.

Dehydrated – 37mm diameter / 7mm high
Hydrated – 41mm diameter / 43mm high

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