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    50cm wide Raised BEd

    Maple Raised Bed

    There is ample capacity in the Stewarts Maple Raised Bed to cultivate anything from your delicious soft fruits and fresh vegetables to small trees.  The easy access raised bed also ensures the roots have the room they need to spread unhindered.

    Producing your very own organic produce or nurturing beautiful flowers and trees doesn’t have to be limited to large garden spaces; the sturdy polyethylene bed can be positioned wherever you see fit to enhance your outdoor area as well as improving the ease of access for gardeners with restricted mobility.

    The attractive deep-brown frame has been Manufactured from Stewarts cutting edge Evotech™ advanced composite material for super durability and strength, our new Maple family of Garden Beds looks and feels like wood… but without the need for maintenance or regular treatment associated with that traditional material. Better still, this robust addition to your garden helps improve drainage and increase soil temperature in the Spring which your developing seedlings and plants will thrive from!

    For all of our raised bed range please click here – Raised Beds

    Colour: Maple brown
    Assembly Required: Yes
    Dimensions When Assembled: 106cm x 50cm x 32cm (L x W x H)

    £49.99 (Inc. VAT)
  • Bamboo Dibber

    Plant Dibber – Bamboo

    The Darlac Bamboo Dibber makes creating a hole for planting your seed, bulbs & plants simple.

    This beautifully finished tool is not only aesthetically pleasing, it encompasses great strength and durability too.
    The stainless steel head is hand welded and treated, to create the appearance of “old steel” and still retain the rust resistant qualities of traditional looking stainless.

    Bamboo has the comparable tensile strength of steel, yet the finish is akin to traditional ash.

    • Eco friendly bamboo handle & stainless steel head
    • Bamboo is a 100% sustainable source replenishing itself within 36 months.
    • Ideal for creating planting holes for seeds, bulbs & plants.

    Approx. Length of Tool – 28 cm
    Approx. Weight – 176 g

    £10.99 (Inc. VAT)
  • Planter

    Sequoia Garden Planter

    The Stewarts Sequoia garden planter is a versatile garden decor that is ideal for any outdoor living space, from balconies to spacious patios.

    The Stewarts Sequoia planters are manufactured using the latest DUOTECH technology, with a textured surface that imitates natural wood grain.  Supplied in grey, this material can be painted to match any colour scheme in your outdoor living space.  This high quality plastic PP is durable, maintenance free and weather resistant, with a built in irrigation system.

    With a top tray depth of just over 18cm, this planter is ideal for your decorative plants and herb growing.

    • Wheels for easy movement around the garden.
    • Built-in irrigation system with water-level indicator.
    • Paintable DUOTECH walls make customisation easy.
    • Extra strength double walled panels, adds robustness and durability.
    • Requires consumer assembly.

    For all of our raised bed and planter range please click here

    Colour: Grey
    Assembly Required: Yes

    Available in two sizes:
    Medium – External Dimensions When Assembled: 99cm x 58cm x 50cm (L x W x H)
    Large – External Dimensions When Assembled: 131cm x 58cm x 50cm (L x W x H)

    Due to size & weight this product is only available for delivery to Mainland UK Destinations.

    FROM£109.99 (Inc. VAT)
  • Garden Knife & Weeder

    Hooked Garden Knife & Weeding Tool

    The classic multi purpose tool for the garden.  Ideal for weeding, harvesting and a host of useful tasks around the garden including cutting fleece, capillary matting, weed control fabric and cutting & slitting sacks or compost bags.

    Voted Kitchen Garden magazines top pick.

    • Made from Stainless Steel for rust resistance.
    • Soft & comfortable grips.
    • Great for patio weeding.
    • Used for harvesting vegetables.
    • Great for patio weeding.

    Weight: 554g
    Overall Length: 120mm

    £7.95 (Inc. VAT)
  • Leather Tool Holster | The Essentials Company

    Expert Leather Tool Holster

    The Darlac Tool Holster, made from a tough Cordura material. Can be worn clipped over the waistband or with a belt. Ideal for keeping your pruner, twine or other small hand tools readily available.

    • Tough, durable & comfortable Cordura material’
    • Easy clip attachment means you do not require a belt.
    • Great for Gardeners & Tradesmen.
    • Overall Length: 240mm
    • Weight: 94g

    £12.99 (Inc. VAT)
  • Bypass Pruners | The Essentials Company

    Compact Bypass Pruner

    The Darlac Compact Bypass Pruners are a lightweight pruner for general pruning.  Small enough to fit in your pocket yet as strong as larger equivalents.  Ideal for delicate pruning and flower arranging.

    • High Carbon steel blades with chrome plating for added rust resistance.
    • Soft & comfortable non slip grips.
    • Pocket sized for convenience.
    • Strong lightweight construction

    Approx. Length of Tool – 18.2 cm
    Approx. Weight – 157 g
    Maximum Cut Capacity – 16 mm

    £13.95 (Inc. VAT)
  • Bypass Pruners Plus | The Essentials Company

    Compact Bypass Plus Pruner

    Our popular Darlac Bypass Pruners Pruner ideal for general pruning work.  Slightly larger than the Compact Pruner with a larger cut capacity.  Made with a hard chrome plated, high carbon steel blade providing rust resistance, strength and cut accuracy.

    • Precision ground for a superb cut.
    • Soft non-slip grips.
    • Strong and lightweight construction.
    • Robust safety catch for safe carrying and storage.
    • Suitable for fine pruning, flower arranging etc.

    Approx. Length of Tool – 20 cm
    Approx. Weight – 185 g
    Maximum Cut Capacity – 20 mm

    £15.15 (Inc. VAT)
  • Professional Bypass Pruner | Small

    Professional Bypass Pruner – 16mm

    Darlac Professional Pruner – 16mm is ideal for the smaller hand and fine pruning.  Also known as the Ladies Professional Bypass Pruner.

    • Traditionally styled bypass secateurs.
    • Slim profile handle suitable for professional or amateur gardener and perfect for the smaller hand.
    • Tension adjuster.
    • Replaceable springs available. (click here)
    • Robust safety catch for safe carrying and storage.
    • Teflon coated blade provides rust resistance and ultimate cutting performance.

    Approx. Length of Tool – 17.5 cm
    Approx. Weight – 146 g
    Maximum Cut Capacity – 16 mm

    £11.69 (Inc. VAT)
  • Bypass Pruners / Secateurs | The Essentials Company

    Professional Pruner / Secateurs – 20mm

    Darlac Professional Pruner / Secateurs.

    • Traditionally styled bypass secateurs.
    • Slim profile handle suitable for professional or amateur gardener.
    • Long-lasting. 5cm(2inch) long carbon steel blade for pruning stems up to 2cm (3/4inch) thick.
    • Comfortable grips.
    • Robust safety catch for safe carrying and storage.
    • Overall length 22cm (8.5inch).
    • Teflon coated adjustable blade.
    • A locking plate to prevent loosening in use.

    £13.95 (Inc. VAT)
  • Compound Pruners

    Compound Action Pruner

    The Darlac Compound Action Pruner has a unique lever action providing noticeable additional cutting power.  The carbon steel blades have a protective coating to provide rust resistance and reduce friction when cutting.  The handles are constructed using soft TPR grips for comfort and safety.  Winners of Garden Answers magazine best on test.

    • Unique lever action for easy cutting.
    • Strong  SK5 carbon steel blades.
    • blades can be sharpened using the diamond tool sharpener.
    • Teflon coated blade for rust resistance & reduce cutting friction.
    • Contoured TPR handles for comfort and safety.

    Approx. Length of Tool – 17 cm
    Approx. Weight – 171 g
    Maximum Cut Capacity – 20 mm

    £15.99 (Inc. VAT)
  • Ratchet Pruners

    Ratchet Pruner

    Darlac Super Classic Ratchet Pruners / Secateurs are ergonomically designed secateurs of exceptional quality shown to require up to 30% less pressure to operate than conventional pruners. Unlike most pruners with a big cut capacity this one has a slim profile offering immense comfort even for small hands.

    • Powerful ratchet action pruners.
    • Require up to 30% less pressure than conventional pruners.
    • Replaceable Spring & Blades.
    • Teflon coated blade for rust resistance & reduce cutting friction.
    • Curved anvil to help trap branches.
    • Slim profile for comfort and all hand sizes.

    Approx. Length of Tool – 20.3 cm
    Approx. Weight – 206 g
    Maximum Cut Capacity – 25 mm

    £14.95 (Inc. VAT)
  • Bypass Pruner / Secateurs - Darlac

    Darlac Expert Bypass Pruners

    Darlac Expert Bypass Pruners / Secateurs are a top of the range ergonomically designed secateurs of exceptional quality.  Unlike most pruners with a big cut capacity this one has a slim profile offering immense comfort even for small hands.

    • Drop forged for strength and durability.
    Replaceable Spring & Blades available.
    • Extra deep sap groove.
    • The blade is made from SK5 carbon steel for a razor sharp edge.
    • Wire cutting notch and shock absorbing buffers.
    • Two position safety catch form small and large hands.
    • Comfortable soft grip handles

    Approx. Length of Tool – 21.5 cm
    Approx. Weight – 260 g
    Maximum Cut Capacity – 25 mm

    Winner of the Garden News Best Buy Award

    £26.15 (Inc. VAT)
  • Left Handed Secateurs / Pruners

    Left Handed Pruners / Secateurs

    Darlac Left Handed Professional Pruners / Secateurs are perfectly formed for left hand use, including locking catch operated with the left thumb, and blade reversed for perfect cutting.  Unlike most pruners with a big cut capacity this one has a slim profile offering immense comfort even for small hands.

    • Strong, yet light, forged aluminium body.
    • Replaceable Spring & Blades available.
    • The blade is made from precision ground carbon steel for a razor sharp edge.
    • Locking plate to prevent loosening in use.
    • Suitable for both heavy duty tasks as well as light pruning.
    • Comfortable 
    Slim Profile Handles.

    Approx. Length of Tool – 21.5 cm
    Approx. Weight – 255 g
    Maximum Cut Capacity – 20 mm

    Winner of the BBC Gardeners World Best Buy Award.

    £18.59 (Inc. VAT)
  • Darlac Compact Snips

    Compact Snips

    Darlac Compact Straight Snips are long and narrow with high carbon steel, rust resistant blades.  Ideal for fine and delicate pruning or floral art.  Perfect when working with Bonsai, Sweet Peas and Fuchsias.  Voted as Amateur Gardening magazines ‘Best on Test’.

    • Carbon steel precision blades.
    • Contoured, comfortable non-slip grips.
    • Ideal for flower arranging, Bonsai, deadheading etc.
    • Strong lightweight construction

    Approx. Length of Tool – 20 cm
    Approx. Weight – 145 g

    £14.25 (Inc. VAT)
  • Compact Hand Shears | The Essentials Company

    Compact Hand Shears

    Darlac Compact Hand Shears are designed with longer, broader blades than snips making it easier to deal with heavier growth.

    • Heavy duty carbon steel blades with chrome armour to aid rust resistance.
    • Precision tension blades ensure a clean cut.
    • Contoured handles have a soft non-slip covering for comfort and safety.
    • Strong lightweight construction

    Approx. Length of Tool – 22 cm
    Approx. Weight – 180 g

    £15.25 (Inc. VAT)
  • Secateurs Spare Spring Set

    Secateurs Spring Set – Pack of 2

    The Darlac Spring Set is designed to fit most Darlac pruners. Often the solution to restoring your favourite secateurs to working order.

    • Simple to fit
    • Spares for our range of Darlac Secateurs & Pruners
    • Supplied in a pack of 2

    £3.25 (Inc. VAT)
  • Diamond Sharpener

    Diamond Tool Sharpener

    The Darlac diamond sharpener uses real diamond particles to produce a much tougher sharpening surface than conventional sharpening stones and lasts up to 50 times longer.

    • Lightweight & Pocket Sized.
    • Suitable for sharpening hand tools such as secateurs, pruners, knives & small blades.
    • Full instructions included.

    Awarded Best Buy by Amateur Gardening & Garden News magazines.

    £11.25 (Inc. VAT)
  • Sabre Tooth Folding Saw | The Essentials Company

    Sabre Tooth Folding Saw – Darlac

    The multi award winning Darlac Sabre Tooth Folding Saw has a unique tooth pattern that can glide through wet or dry wood easily, leaving an ultra clean finish.

    • Ideal for gardening, D.I.Y or camping.
    • Easily cuts through live wood without clogging, leaving an amazing clean cut which sheds water and is far less prone to disease and ‘die back’.
    • Slices through prepared timber just as effectively with the same clean cut, which means less sanding and finishing off.
    • Blade locks in both the open and closed positions, with an easy pull back catch to unlock.
    • Suitable for right or left handed use.
    • Voted as Garden Answers & Garden News Best Buy.

    Cut Capacity – 90mm
    Approx. Weight – 203g
    Approx. Length of Tool – 405mm
    Approx. Length of Blade – 191mm

    £15.78 (Inc. VAT)
  • Garden Shears | The Essentials Company

    Classic Hedge Shears

    The classic is a very popular shear, comfortable in use and suitable for grass and hedge trimming.  Ergonomic, with slightly raised handles and comfortable grips. Wonderfully light – weighs just 554 gms.

    • High carbon steel blades
    • Soft & comfortable grips.
    • Lightweight yet strong.

    Weight: 554g
    Overall Length: 440mm

    £18.95 (Inc. VAT)
  • Topiary Shears | The Essentials Company

    Expert Topiary Shear

    The Darlac Topiary Shear takes the best of an age old design and makes it better!

    These shears can be used single handed, they are lightweight and easy to use with an ultra-smooth cutting action not normally associated with topiary shears.

    • SK5 Carbon Steel Blades which can be easily sharpened if required.
    • Soft Comfort Grips.
    • Strong, light and easy to use.
    • Use for Topiary shaping from balls to spirals or dwarf hedging.
    • Can be used for trimming heather, herbs and many more plants around the garden.
    • Overall Length: 350mm
    • Weight: 350g

    £21.99 (Inc. VAT)