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  • String Cutter | The Essentials Company

    Easycut String Cutter

    Wear the Easycut String Cutter on your finger, allowing you to keep both hands free when tying plants, canes or arranging flowers.

    Made with a polished high carbon steel blade and an ABS body.

    £1.95 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Stainless Steel Garden Fork | The Essentials Company

    Garden Fork

    This Stainless Steel Garden Fork comes with a comfortable ergonomically design rubber handle.

    Ideal for weeding, cultivating soil and general garden use.

    Light yet strong, weighing only 233g a winner of Garden News Best Buy award.

    £8.49 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Garden Trowel | The Essentials Company

    Garden Trowel

    This Stainless Steel Garden Trowel comes with a comfortable ergonomically design rubber handle.

    An ideal general use hand trowel for .

    Light yet strong, weighing only 277g a winner of Garden News Best Buy award.

    Overall length: 36cm/14in
    Maximum width: 8cm/3in

    £8.49 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Leather Tool Holster | The Essentials Company

    Expert Leather Tool Holster

    The Darlac Tool Holster, made from a tough Cordura material. Can be worn clipped over the waistband or with a belt. Ideal for keeping your pruner, twine or other small hand tools readily available.

    • Tough, durable & comfortable Cordura material’
    • Easy clip attachment means you do not require a belt.
    • Great for Gardeners & Tradesmen.
    • Overall Length: 240mm
    • Weight: 94g

    £11.75 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Floral Snips

    • Handy small snips for light trimming and floral work
    • Comfortable, hard wearing, easy to use
    • One straight and one serrated blade
    • Clip to hold blades closed when not in use
    • Total length 15cm

    £4.95 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Bypass Pruners / Secateurs | The Essentials Company

    Professional Pruner / Secateurs

    Darlac Professional Pruner / Secateurs.

    • Traditionally styled bypass secateurs.
    • Slim profile handle suitable for professional or amateur gardener.
    • Long-lasting. 5cm(2inch) long carbon steel blade for pruning stems up to 2cm (3/4inch) thick.
    • Comfortable grips.
    • Robust safety catch for safe carrying and storage.
    • Overall length 22cm (8.5inch).
    • Teflon coated adjustable blade.
    • A locking plate to prevent loosening in use.

    £12.75 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Ratchet Pruners

    Ratchet Pruner

    Darlac Super Classic Ratchet Pruners / Secateurs are ergonomically designed secateurs of exceptional quality shown to require up to 30% less pressure to operate than conventional pruners. Unlike most pruners with a big cut capacity this one has a slim profile offering immense comfort even for small hands.

    • Powerful ratchet action pruners.
    • Require up to 30% less pressure than conventional pruners.
    • Replaceable Spring & Blades.
    • Teflon coated blade for rust resistance & reduce cutting friction.
    • Curved anvil to help trap branches.
    • Slim profile for comfort and all hand sizes.

    Approx. Length of Tool – 20.3 cm
    Approx. Weight – 206 g
    Maximum Cut Capacity – 25 mm

    £14.95 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Bypass Pruner / Secateurs - Darlac

    Darlac Expert Pruners / Secateurs

    Darlac Expert Pruners / Secateurs are a top of the range ergonomically designed secateurs of exceptional quality.  Unlike most pruners with a big cut capacity this one has a slim profile offering immense comfort even for small hands.

    • Drop forged for strength and durability.
    Replaceable Spring & Blades available.
    • Extra deep sap groove.
    • The blade is made from SK5 carbon steel for a razor sharp edge.
    • Wire cutting notch and shock absorbing buffers.
    • Two position safety catch form small and large hands.
    • Comfortable soft grip handles

    Approx. Length of Tool – 21.5 cm
    Approx. Weight – 260 g
    Maximum Cut Capacity – 25 mm

    Winner of the Garden News Best Buy Award

    £23.45 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Left Handed Secateurs / Pruners

    Left Handed Pruners / Secateurs

    Darlac Left Handed Professional Pruners / Secateurs are perfectly formed for left hand use, including locking catch operated with the left thumb, and blade reversed for perfect cutting.  Unlike most pruners with a big cut capacity this one has a slim profile offering immense comfort even for small hands.

    • Strong, yet light, forged aluminium body.
    • Replaceable Spring & Blades available.
    • The blade is made from precision ground carbon steel for a razor sharp edge.
    • Locking plate to prevent loosening in use.
    • Suitable for both heavy duty tasks as well as light pruning.
    • Comfortable 
    Slim Profile Handles.

    Approx. Length of Tool – 21.5 cm
    Approx. Weight – 255 g
    Maximum Cut Capacity – 20 mm

    Winner of the BBC Gardeners World Best Buy Award.

    £16.95 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Secateurs Spare Spring Set

    Secateurs Spring Set – Pack of 2

    The Darlac Spring Set is designed to fit most Darlac pruners. Often the solution to restoring your favourite secateurs to working order.

    • Simple to fit
    • Spares for our range of Darlac Secateurs & Pruners
    • Supplied in a pack of 2

    £3.10 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Diamond Sharpener

    Diamond Tool Sharpener

    The Darlac diamond sharpener uses real diamond particles to produce a much tougher sharpening surface than conventional sharpening stones and lasts up to 50 times longer.

    • Lightweight & Pocket Sized.
    • Suitable for sharpening hand tools such as secateurs, pruners, knives & small blades.
    • Full instructions included.

    Awarded Best Buy by Amateur Gardening & Garden News magazines.

    £8.95 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Sabre Tooth Folding Saw | The Essentials Company

    Sabre Tooth Folding Saw – Darlac

    The multi award winning Darlac Sabre Tooth Folding Saw has a unique tooth pattern that can glide through wet or dry wood easily, leaving an ultra clean finish.

    • Ideal for gardening, D.I.Y or camping.
    • Easily cuts through live wood without clogging, leaving an amazing clean cut which sheds water and is far less prone to disease and ‘die back’.
    • Slices through prepared timber just as effectively with the same clean cut, which means less sanding and finishing off.
    • Blade locks in both the open and closed positions, with an easy pull back catch to unlock.
    • Suitable for right or left handed use.
    • Voted as Garden Answers & Garden News Best Buy.

    Cut Capacity – 90mm
    Approx. Weight – 203g
    Approx. Length of Tool – 405mm
    Approx. Length of Blade – 191mm

    £13.95 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Garden Shears | The Essentials Company

    Classic Hedge Shears

    The classic is a very popular shear, comfortable in use and suitable for grass and hedge trimming.  Ergonomic, with slightly raised handles and comfortable grips. Wonderfully light – weighs just 554 gms.

    • High carbon steel blades
    • Soft & comfortable grips.
    • Lightweight yet strong.

    Weight: 554g
    Overall Length: 440mm

    £16.95 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Lightweight Garden Shears

    Garden Shears

    Darlac 8 inch Lightweight Garden Shears are great to use, lightweight, razor sharp and efficient.  One of the most popular garden shears available having won accolades for their performance and comfort in use.

    • Razor sharp Carbon steel 8 inch baldes
    • Long Handles for extra reach and leverage.
    • Light weight at under 1 kg.
    • Shock absorbing buffers.
    • Ideal for grass, hedge trimming and topiary.

    Approx. Length of Tool – 650 cm
    Approx. Weight – 713g

    £29.45 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Topiary Shears | The Essentials Company

    Expert Topiary Shear

    The Darlac Topiary Shear takes the best of an age old design and makes it better!

    These shears can be used single handed, they are lightweight and easy to use with an ultra-smooth cutting action not normally associated with topiary shears.

    • SK5 Carbon Steel Blades which can be easily sharpened if required.
    • Soft Comfort Grips.
    • Strong, light and easy to use.
    • Use for Topiary shaping from balls to spirals or dwarf hedging.
    • Can be used for trimming heather, herbs and many more plants around the garden.
    • Overall Length: 350mm
    • Weight: 350g

    £19.75 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Telescopic Edging Shears

    Telescopic Edging Shears

    The Darlac telescopic edging shear has oval profile aluminium handles.  It is lightweight and easy to adjust to users height.  Handles can be adjusted to achieve the perfect user height.

    • Strong, yet light, forged aluminium body.
    • Telescopic Handles 650mm to 1080mm
    • Easy Flip Lock operating system.
    • Carbon Steel Blades
    • Blade Length: 290mm
    • Weight: 1.210kg

    Awarded ‘Top Marks’ from Garden News and rated the ‘Star Buy’ by The Daily Telegraph.

    £27.50 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Sickle | The Essentials Company


    The Darlac Long Sickle is ideal for effortlessly cleaning undergrowth.

    • Aluminium handle.
    • Razor sharp carbon steel blade.
    • Perfect for clearing thistle, nettles & overgrown grass
    • Overall Length: 1010mm
    • Weight: 541g

    Winner of Amateur Gardening Magazines Best Buy.

    £14.99 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Heavy Duty Ratchet Loppers

    Ratchet Loppers – Heavy Duty and Telescopic

    The Darlac Heavy Duty Ratchet Loppers with telescopic push button locking handles allowing you to reach those higher branches.  The Ratchet mechanism reduces the amount of effort required to cut branches by up to 30%.

    • Extra large 60mm (2 3/8″)  cut capacity
    • Teflon Coated Blades.
    • Non Slip Cushioned Grips.
    • Oval Alloy Handles.
    • Positive Push button Locking Telescopic Handles.
    • Overall Length(min): 740mm
    • Overall Length(max): 1080mm
    • Weight: 950g

    £37.95 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Expanding Rake | The Essentials Company

    Expanding Telescopic Rake

    The Darlac Expanding Telescopic Rake is a quality metal expanding rake with a telescopic handle. The 15 tine head is adjustable and can be used wide for clearing leaves or narrow for working in beds and borders. The telescopic handle extends from 79cm to 160cm with a simple twist lock mechanism, creating the perfect user height to avoid back ache.

    • Strong, light and easy to use.
    • 15 tine adjustable width head from 19cm (7″) to 53cm (21″).
    • Telescopic handle extends from 79cm (31″) to 160cm (63″).
    • Overall Length: 790mm
    • Weight: 950g

    £12.95 (Inc. VAT)

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  • Draper Long Nose Pliers

    Draper Long Nose Pliers

    • Draper 16cm Long Nose Pliers
    • Two-tone soft grip handles for comfort
    • Built in slip guards to prevent trapped fingers
    • Bright Red colour so you can find them easily
    • Durable hardened steel jaws
    • Ideal for twisting and bending wires
    • Integral cutter for snipping wires

    £5.70 (Inc. VAT)

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