6cm Jiffy Pots – Coir


Jiffypots® are organic planting pots and are fully biodegradable.
Jiffy pots allow the roots to grow through so when your plant is established transfer the entire pot and plant eliminating any transfer shock.

We sell all of our Jiffypots® in packs of 20, with discounts of up to 33% when buying multiple packs.  From as little as 9.75p each

Jiffy Coir pots are made from coir pith, a renewable waste product from the coconut industry.

• Fully Biodegradable
• Transfer the pot direct into the soil to eliminate transfer shock.
• Available with or without slits, made from peat or Coir & the larger 8cm diameter.  Please see our other listings for further details.
• Can be stored in the Jiffy shuttle trays

6cm high
6cm top diameter
4cm base diameter

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